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Dare2Fly Cabarete Kiteboarding School; established in 1999 and owned by the Vela Cabarete Windsurf Center, is one of the first and original Kiteboarding schools in Cabarete. Thanks to our ideal positioning, Dare2Fly continues to operate out of the Agualina Kite Resort right in the heart of the famous Kitebeach.

Cabarete Kitebeach is one of the best places in the world for year-round Kitesurfing. We have flat water on the inside; perfect for beginners, and advanced riders who are working on their latest moves. On the outside we have nice, glassy waves breaking on the reef about 200m offshore. These waves are usually breaking between 1/2m to 2m depending on the time of year.

Due to our amazingly good Kitesurfing weather conditions, Cabarete has a very high concentration of talented local freestyle riders, and has produced many Kiteboarding stars, such as; Ariel Corniel, Luciano Gonzales and of course the lovely Susi Mai.

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Young kid Kiting

teaching young kid to kite

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So often time we got asked: “how old you need to be to start kiting ?” Well truth is that if you come to Cabarete and watch the young generation kiting, you…

Kite foiling

Hydrofoil kite lessons at dare2fly

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Hydrofoil Coaching Foilboard is the adrenaline rush of flying over the surface of the water. The hydrofoil has become the most sophisticated form of gliding through the water.   “Foilboarding”…

Tracy kite

Cabrinha FX Review from Cabarete

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On March 1st I was the first person at the Dare2fly Cabrinha FX demo. I had seen the Fly Me To the Moon video and, of course, I felt super…

Cabrinha FX kite


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Dare2fly Cabarete is super stoked to introduce the new FX 2015 Cabrinha kite. What is the FX?  What does it replace?  Well, the FX is an all new design and category for…

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